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She Conquers Capital

Where capital meets spirituality. 

Because being Latina is a superpower.

Even though, I've been podcasting since 2015 with nearly 200 episodes published so far, THIS is the most important and authentic content I've created. 

Latina and Latino investment professionals comprise only 2% of total venture capital investment professionals according to the 2022 LatinxVC Annual Report.

In the sacred space of She Conquers Capital: Season 3, Latinas are 100% of the voices sharing their lived experiences and expertise in the world of venture capital. 

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Most Streamed  Solo Episodes

The Growing Pains of Getting What You Worked For

Advice for navigating the challenges that arise from achievement.

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Relish the Unexpected

How to respond to uncertainty and the spiritual lessons it holds.

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Ukraine, President Zelenskyy, Women’s History, and the Sacred Self

No words. You just gotta hear it for yourself.

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It’s just the sort of business alchemy
I need as I navigate how to grow my business and calling.

— Niambi, founder of Pholk Beauty

Stefanie is a great listener and a great speaker. From this Latina, thank you for paving the way.

— salazitzel

Stefanie’s podcast celebrates tenacious woman as she weaves in nuggets of useful tips to raise capital.

— Melissa, founder of the salt center

She Conquers capital

Season 4

Capital meets Spirituality

Ever wonder what the world of capital, finance, and tech startup would look like if they were built by women? Me too. Let's discuss.


this Latina's journey through motherhood, venture capital, self-discovery, and self-expression