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The Growing Pains of Getting What You Worked For

April 8, 2023

I’m Stefanie.
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Say it with me… I get what I want.

Fall may be months away, but it’s feeling like a season of harvesting. I see it in my life and the lives of the women around me both personally and professionally. 

I was just stepping into this energy when I recorded Ep 24 What Season Are You In? The emotions of that episode make it clear just how much this new phase means to me and how persistently I’ve worked for it. 

But receiving everything we’ve been working for isn’t always the most comfortable experience. 

New decisions. New time commitments. New expectations. New levels of leadership. A new way of being.

And for me, as a single mom with an active 10-year-old son, it means a whole new way of managing my life.

In today’s episode, I break down how to successfully navigate the growing pains of getting what we want and what this moment is trying to teach us.

What we often don’t realize is that pursuing great impact sets into motion a series of events that will remove anything in your life that doesn’t align. 

Old mindsets. People. Situations. Systems. Anything that keeps us from trusting ourselves fully will be challenged.It’s a process that can feel like it’s punishing us, when it’s meant to free us.

If you know you’re on the right track, but don’t always feel like you’re doing it right… this one’s for you.

Listen here:


Leaning on Your Village

As a woman of wild ambition who is also a single mom, my plate remains full with the small and important tasks of running a household. Having someone to run errands on my behalf is a gamechanger that allows me to keep my energy and focus on myself, my son, and my work.

Enter My PANDA, an Atlanta-based, female founded app that connects users (mostly women) to local personal assistants (mostly women). Just yesterday, I saved at least an hour of my time by having an assistant do my grocery pickup and then take donations to Goodwill. 

Tamara Lucas (another single mom) is the founder of My PANDA. She’s quickly becoming one of my favorite women in the world. She just won the Startup Village pitch competition and an entire year’s membership at Atlanta Tech Village.This woman is on fire and so inspiring to watch. 

Check it out and download the app today:

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